BT&T Attorney Stephen Napier featured on Julina Ogilvie’s Women on Wealth podcast

Stephen Napier joined Julina Ogilvie on her “Women on Wealth” podcast to discuss the importance of estate planning and frequently overlooked estate planning issues. Using relatable examples, they highlight the key factors necessary to protect your assets and legacy.

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Show Highlights:

Why this topic is for everyone (3:00)
Mistake of not having an estate plan at all (3:21)
Estate tax exemptions (11:08)
Why stay up to date with an estate plan (17:43)
Mistake of not planning for probate and how unique each state is (20:23)
Benefits of a revocable trust (25:05)
Choosing the wrong executor and trustees (26:10)
Not having a power of attorney or health care proxy (32:10)
Importance of up-to-date documents, even if they don’t expire (36:20)
Tax planning (39:57)
Designating beneficiaries (46:09)